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You can learn much more about why Corporate Finance Academy exists here.  But we are here with a mission to help people.  We want to help corporate finance, fp&a, and accounting professionals improve their skills, get promoted, and navigate their careers (and their life!).  Be sure to check out our courses, but also check out our amazing free resource library.

Why Corporate Finance Academy Exists

I got the idea for Corporate Finance Academy more than 5 years before actually starting work on it.  I graduated with a degree in finance, but most everything I learned in my undergraduate university education wasn’t really geared toward working in corporate finance / fp&a / managerial accounting.  As I looked back at that education, the push was toward a CFA, a CFP, a CPA and the associated careers… I thought about my first 10 years in finance, especially the first few years, and I realized I was using such a small % of what I learned in school and I had so much I had to learn on my own.

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As I progressed in my career into bigger and bigger roles, I had the opportunity to work at Fortune 500 companies, Private Equity owned companies, and even private companies.  However, through all that, there was a constant theme that I saw.  The people that worked in the finance and accounting functions under skilled and there was no good training and development plan, ever.  Sure, some companies had good leadership / personal development training… but no one had real practical training.  

I’d find people who had worked in FP&A for years and couldn’t do a real price-volume-mix calculation, or couldn’t link financials to operations.  There were accountants who said “I just book the entries” without having any real idea what was behind the entries or what the context was.  There were a ton of finance professionals just “reporting the news”, rather than trying to help make it. 

After almost 20 years working in corporate finance including CFO roles, Corporate Finance Academy was born.  I changed jobs, and in a month I had between jobs, I made videos, wrote content, and outsourced the creation of some content to some very capable individuals.  Ultimately, here were the goals I had in mind (and these are everchanging!) 

Ultimately, here were the goals I had in mind (and these are everchanging!) 

To help arm finance and accounting professionals with real-world skills that is straightforward and easy to understand.

Help professionals (especially early-career professionals) navigate their career, get promotions, enjoy their, and make more money!

Assist companies in raising the bar of talent across their finance and accounting organizations… allowing them to develop talent and reduce turnover

Take care of people who weren’t able to get the highest level of financial education OR who want to change from one profession into finance / accounting / FP&A

Build a community of finance professionals that can lean on and learn from one another.

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