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Financial Statements are core to the world of FP&A and Corporate Finance.  This Financial Statement Analysis course is a great intro to the three main financial statements where you will learn how to understand and analyze them!

Course objectives

The Financial Statements are rooted in accounting principles, so we start there with a quick refresher.  I know, sounds kind of boring, I promise it’s not bad! After that review, we will get into all the pieces of the main three financial statements including how the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement link together.  The numbers in these statements tell a story, when you are done with this class you will be able to turn the data into that story!

Some key things you’ll learn:

  • Basic accounting principles​
  • A refresher on the basic accounting principles​
  • How to really understand the 3 financial statements​
  • To make a determination on the financial well-being of a company
  • How to use metrics, ratios, and trends to analyze financials

We recommend taking our Financial Modeling Bootcamp which is a great complement to this course.

Additional Info

Format: 3-6 minute videos, quizzes, and a final exam

Category: Financial Analysis

Prerequisites: You should have a strong working knowledge of Excel Bootcamp, if you aren’t comfortable with Excel, please talk Microsoft Excel Bootcamp

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