FP&A Bundle 1

This bundle equips you with the foundational financial knowledge for any job in FP&A or Managerial


 In this bundle you will: 

  • Re-ground in some basic accounting principles (don’t worry, this isn’t scary at all!).  
  • Learn to better read, understand, and slice & dice the financial statements.  
  • Master key tools for the financial bag of tricks… CAGR, WACC, CAPM, IRR, ROE, NPV, ROI, and financial ratio analysis 
  • Be able to project out financial statements to create a forward-looking financial model
  • Understand business valuation and how to value a business with different methods
  • Become an expert at conducting an annual budget / annual operating plan.  Including setting the calendar, creating templates, the different pieces of the budget, consolidation, and a budget presentation

Included Courses:

Good finance pros use financial statements to tell a story… this course will teach you how!
Learn how to create a dynamic and useful 3-statement financial model projected out 5-years!  A critical skill for finance, accounting, and anyone in business.

Course Content

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