A Week in the Life – FLDP

Finance Leadership Development Program

Here we go! As part of our ongoing series “A Week in the Life” where we give you a real glimpse into the life of Corporate Finance & FP&A professionals, we bring you a week in the life of someone in a Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP). We will take you through the FLDP salary, […]

Why Corporate Finance Academy Exists

I started this site for many different reasons. To help people out there that want a corporate finance career, that wants to advance their corporate finance career, or want to land a new job Give everyone a chance to hone their skills in finance and beyond and to do better in their job. To help […]

Corporate Finance Jobs & Requirements

What is Corporate Finance? There is a great deal of confusion as to what “Corporate Finance” is and is not. Part of this confusion might stem from the fact that it is broad, but here I will attempt to break it down for you all! At the highest level, it is the organization within a […]

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