Sales Forecasting Methods

sales forecasting methods

Before we get into the details of different sales forecasting methods, I want to tell you a story! But first… for those of you who are visual/auditory learners, you can check out our youtube video as another option: My Sales Forecasting Story 10+ years ago, I got the request from our divisional president (he’s […]

Revenue Forecast

Revenue Forecast

If you work in Financial Planning & Analysis or Corporate Finance, you most likely will have to develop a revenue forecast at some point. the only thing you can be certain of when doing this forecast is that it will be wrong!   The question is, how close can you get (with a reasonable level of […]

A Week in the Life – FLDP

Finance Leadership Development Program

Here we go! As part of our ongoing series “A Week in the Life” where we give you a real glimpse into the life of Corporate Finance & FP&A professionals, we bring you a week in the life of someone in a Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP). We will take you through the FLDP salary, […]

NPV Explained – What is Net Present Value

NPV Explained

If you work in finance you will inevitably spend time calculating and reviewing the return on different investments.  Some of the most common methods for calculating these valuations are net present value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR). If you learn better through video check out our NPV Explanation video here: If you went […]

FP&A Director $250k/year – A Day in the Life

FP&A Director

This is the first in series of posts we plan to do where we detail the life of someone that works in corporate finance. We aim to give you some real context for: the different types of jobs within corporate finance what people actually do in a given day, week, month how people got the […]

The Income Statement – Learn the P&L Basics

*Check out our Income Statement section on our Resource Library for a full walk through! The Income Statement is one of the key financial statements, along with the cash flow statement and the balance sheet.  You will also hear the Income Statement referred to as a Profit & Loss or P&L.  This very critical financial […]

Jobs for Finance Majors – Different Finance Career Paths

finance career paths

It can be difficult, especially for those in colleges and universities to understand what jobs for Finance majors exist. What we are going to go through is for new graduates as well as entry-level or early career positions. And while our focus is on Finance majors, this all applies to those majoring in accounting, economics, […]

Corporate Finance Jobs & Requirements

What is Corporate Finance? There is a great deal of confusion as to what “Corporate Finance” is and is not. Part of this confusion might stem from the fact that it is broad, but here I will attempt to break it down for you all! At the highest level, it is the organization within a […]

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