Budgeting Bootcamp – Annual Operating Plan

Creating an Annual Operating Plan is an incredibly important process for a business.  This course will teach you how to set up and execute a great budgeting process!



Course Objectives

This Budgeting / AOP (Annual Operating Plan) course is designed for finance / FP&A professionals.  First, we will cover the basics like what an AOP is and why companies do an annual planning process.  Then we will go through how you set-up templates, collect & consolidate information, what is needed for each piece of the budget process  (sales planning, cost budget, cap-ex, SG&A, etc).  Next, we go through taking all the elements of the AOP and turning into financial statements and a C-suite/Investor level presentation.  By the end of the course, you will be able to build a world-class budget & facilitate a full annual planning process.

Annual Operating Plan-Annual Budget_complete.xls

Some key things you’ll learn:

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand what an annual operating plan is and why companies do it.
  • Identify all the elements of the budgeting process (sales, production, COGS, cap-ex, etc)
  • Create a budgeting calendar with inputs, owners, and timeline
  • Set-up the budgeting process for each element of the budget (including templates)
  • Turn all inputs of the annual operating plan into full financial statements (IS, BS, CF)
  • What an annual operating plan presentation should look like
  • Understand critically important steps to run a successful planning process
  • Create a world-class annual operating plan!

Additional Info

Estimated time to complete: 4 – 5 hours

Field of study: Financial Budgeting

Prerequisites: You should have a basic knowledge of the financial statements and a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel (vlookup, pivot tables, sum, sumif).  If you do not, we recommend taking our Financial Statement Analysis course and/or our “Microsoft Excel Bootcamp”

Level: Intermediate

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