Stats for Data Analytics

Knowledge of statistics is key for financial analysis and is the cornerstone of data analytics.  This is not your high school stats class, we get right into real world application and give you the fundamentals you need.  Don’t worry, we start at the beginning, no stats background required!


Course Objectives

Statistics aren’t just for actuaries!  A knowledge of stats is a core foundation to data analytics.  If you truly want to understand the data with on a day to day basis you need to harness a knowledge of stats!  In this course, we will skip the boring preambles and complicated explanations you may have gotten bored with before.  This class is going to give you everything you need with no prior stats knowledge required.  When you finish this course you will greatly enhance your ability to analyze your data and will have new tools at your disposal!

Some key things you’ll learn:

  • How to visually show your data
  • Descriptive statistics (mean/median/mode, standard deviation, etc.)
  • Inferential statistics (distributions, limits)
  • How to make estimates with data Histograms and scatter plots
  • Confidence intervals
  • how to do single-variable regression analysis

We recommend taking our Intro to Data Analytics in conjunction with this course.

Additional Info

Format: 3-6 minute videos, quizzes, and a final exam

Estimated time to complete: 3-4 hours

Category: Data Analytics

Prerequisites: You should have a good working knowledge of Microsoft Excel (e.g. SUMIF, COUTIF, VLOOKUP, etc.). If you don’t feel comfortable with Excel, you should take our Microsoft Excel Bootcamp.

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