A Week in the Life – FLDP

Finance Leadership Development Program

Here we go! As part of our ongoing series “A Week in the Life” where we give you a real glimpse into the life of Corporate Finance & FP&A professionals, we bring you a week in the life of someone in a Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP). We will take you through the FLDP salary, […]

Finance Leadership Development Program – The Ultimate Guide

Finance Leadership Development Program

FLDP – The Ultimate Corporate Finance Leadership Program This is the ultimate guide to Finance Leadership Development Programs (FLDP).  These programs are usually entry-level programs that last 2-3 years.  Participants are hired out of college and then complete 3-4 “rotations” in different areas of the finance organization. In addition to your day job these programs […]

Preparing for a Corporate Finance Career while in College

What can you do to get ready or to prepare for a career in Corporate Finance for someone still in college or university? This is one of the more frequent questions I receive. Today I want to share some guidance for anyone thinking ahead for a career in corporate finance. Take the right classes Some […]

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