Corporate Finance Fundamentals

corporate finance fundamentals

If you want to be successful in corporate finance, there are certain corporate finance fundamentals that you need to develop in your first few years (and ideally maybe even before you take your first job). This is not an all-encompassing list of what it takes to succeed, but rather, the list that is almost a […]

NPV Explained – What is Net Present Value

NPV Explained

If you work in finance you will inevitably spend time calculating and reviewing the return on different investments.  Some of the most common methods for calculating these valuations are net present value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR). If you learn better through video check out our NPV Explanation video here: If you went […]

Finance Leadership Development Program – The Ultimate Guide

Finance Leadership Development Program

This is the ultimate guide to Finance Leadership Development Programs (FLDP).  FLDPs are usually entry-level programs that last 2-3 years.  Program participants are hired out of college and then complete 3-4 “rotations” in different areas of corporate finance.  In addition to your day job these programs usually have training that goes along with the work.  […]

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